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Welcome to Davetta Care

When you are in need of personal home care for your loved one, the compassionate and experienced team of providers at Davetta Care is here for you. We understand that it can be difficult to care for an aging or sick loved one, especially if you have children and a job. At the same time, we know that you don’t want your loved one to be alone throughout the day.

We can provide personal home care based on the needs of your loved one. Whether you need one of our providers Monday through Friday, on weekends, or only weekday mornings, we can put together a schedule that works for you and your loved one. 

Our team of home care providers knows what it takes to ensure the health and safety of your loved one is met at all times. We can help your loved ones manage their medications, cook them meals, help them get dressed, go for walks with them, and ensure that they are safe around the home at all times.


Companion Home Care For Your Loved One

    If you are looking for a companion for your loved one during the day while you are at work, the team from Davetta Care can be that companion. A Davetta Care home companion can be there when you are at work, school, or running errands. A home care companion will make it easy for your loved one to live alone. They will have someone to talk to, go on walks with, read the paper, watch sports, help with the chores, and so much more.

    These domestic tasks are just a few of the things our providers can handle for your loved one. Living alone is not easy, especially if your loved one has eyesight, hearing, or balancing issues. Moving your loved one into a nursing home or assisted living facility is not an option for everyone. A home care provider from Davetta Care can ensure that your loved one is cared for throughout the day when you cannot be there.

    Hospital Accompaniment For Your Loved One

    If you live far from your parents, it can be disconcerting when they inform you that they called 911 for an ambulance. You don’t live close enough to get to the hospital within a reasonable amount of time, which can be worrisome. If this is the case, you can count on a home care provider from Davetta Care to accompany your loved one to the hospital. 

    Our providers can answer questions for your loved one, present their list of medications to the nurses and doctors, explain their medical history, and much more until you can get to the hospital. Our provider will be with your loved one the entire time they are in the hospital so they are not alone and so you can be updated with what is happening.

    Accompaniment to Appointments

    The home care providers from Davetta Care in Philadelphia can also accompany you or your loved one to various medical appointments. We understand the challenges of going to the doctor when you are ill, injured, or dealing with serious medical issues. We can be an extra set of eyes and ears so you know exactly what it is the doctor is telling you.

    When we accompany you to a doctor’s appointment we will take notes on your behalf, help you explain your condition, provide a list of medications, and remind you of questions you wanted to ask. Our home care providers want you to have as little stress as possible when dealing with health issues.

      Our Mission

      Our mission is to improve our client’s lives and health by providing professional services, enabling them to achieve the full potential of every day.

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