The need for personal caregivers in Philadelphia can come by surprise to some while others may see it coming for some time. There are different kinds of personal caregivers in Philadelphia and who you hire will vary greatly by what your specific needs are. 

You may need short-term care after an injury or surgery, while long-term care is typical for patients with chronic conditions. There are also companion care services that are like having a friend around that keeps you healthy and helps you around the home. 

1. Companionship

Companion care services are typically sought by older adults who live independently but may need some help. 

A companion is essential to one’s mental health, which can often be overlooked. Older adults are known to suffer from depression and other disorders because they feel isolated or alone.

This personal caregiver will create a schedule with you and your loved one where they come to the home at specified times throughout the week. They will do social activities with the patient and spend time with them. This typically leads to an upbeat patient and can help to deter mental disorders like depression.  

2. Housekeeping

Personal caregivers in Philadelphia can help older adults with household chores that have become difficult to accomplish. This is typical when the adult is facing mobility issues. 

Personal caretakers will handle light housekeeping such as laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes, or taking out the trash. Other chores like watering plants and light yard work can be discussed with caregivers prior to the beginning of their employment in your home. This service allows clients to stay independent and in the home while knowing that they have help. 

3. Basic Needs

One of the most important services that personal caregivers provide is help with basic needs. This includes grooming, eating, bathing, and using the bathroom. 

These are sensitive areas for some and it can take some convincing a patient to agree to have someone help with basic needs. You should ensure that all parties are comfortable with someone being in such close contact and intimate with a person. This is often a difficult decision for families to make and should also be discussed with the patient’s primary care doctor.

4. Meal Preparation

Preparing meals may become difficult whether it be due to a medical condition or from age. Nutrition is crucial to staying healthy and if your loved one is not cooking meals or doing groceries they may not be getting the nutrition they need. Personal caregivers in Philadelphia can craft a meal plan for your loved ones that they can adhere to. 

5. Transportation

One final and important service that a personal caregiver can provide is transportation services. If you notice your loved one is having difficulty driving or is unable to use public transportation, a caregiver can help. They will be able to provide transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, grocery stores, or to social activities. This will bring you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is not driving around town alone.

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