We all strive to keep our independence and this desire does not change as we get older or have a chronic condition. The need to hire a caregiver may not be obvious and can be something you will want to avoid. Sadly, there comes a time when you need to have this difficult conversation with yourself and your family. 

Hiring a caregiver does not by any means replace family members, it is simply a way to provide assistance at home for an adult who needs it. There are signs you should look for that may indicate the need to hire a caregiver. 

Personal Hygiene 

If you notice your senior loved one is putting off showering and taking care of basic personal hygiene, it is not because they are gross or do not care. It can actually be a sign that they can no longer complete these tasks. A caregiver can ensure that they brush their teeth, bathe regularly, and are taking care of all of their personal hygiene needs.

Unpaid Bills

You may begin to notice that bills are piling up and your loved one has no plan on paying them. You may also notice stacks of mail throughout the home. No one is a fan of paying bills or answering mail, however, if bills become months late to the point where services are being shut off there may be a deeper issue. 

When you hire a caregiver they will be able to go through the mail and ensure that bills are paid on time. This will keep your loved one on track and independent. 


Depression is common among older adults who live alone. As we age, it can be normal to lose interest in certain things. The problem occurs when your loved one loses interest in hobbies they have been doing for years or there is a sudden change in weight. Another sign to look for is if they become distant from the rest of the family. These are all signs of depression. 

A caregiver can provide a level of companionship to help deter these behaviors and traits. 

Fall Hazards

Falling is a major cause of injuries in older adults. If you see an abundance of clutter, uneven flooring, lifted rugs, or other potential hazards you may need to hire a caregiver. They can ensure the house stays organized and your loved one’s risk of a fall is decreased. 

Spoiled Food

When there is spoiled or rotten food in the fridge there can be several things going on. Your loved one may be unaware that there is spoiled food in the house and is eating it without giving it a second thought. This can also mean that your loved one cannot safely get to the grocery store so they are not eating. Having a caregiver on board can ensure that groceries are done and there is no longer any rotten food in the fridge. They can also prepare meals. 

Missed Medication

Forgetting to take medication can be a sign of short-term memory loss or even depression. It has been reported that 75% of older adults make an error with taking their medications. If you notice missed medications a caregiver may be an option. 

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