Caregiver Resources

Please download the HHA exchange mobile application below for clocking in and out:

Alternative Telephony Option:

To clock in or out by using the calling method (telephony) please call the following numbers:

(866) 285-4807 (English)

(855) 341-5903 (Spanish)

CLICK HERE for full instructions on clocking in and out via telephony/phone.

**Reminder that you must call into the HHA exchange number using your client’s phone number on file with the state. If you experience trouble clocking in or out can contact the clock in/out team by clicking HERE.

Payroll Resources

Davetta Care offers full access to pay stubs and early access for yearly W-2 forms via ADP:

To reach out payroll department please CLICK HERE.

Insurance Benefits

All Davetta Care employees who work over 30 hours a week are eligible for free life insurance benefits as well as additional benefits. In order to select a plan or discuss your plan please call our human resources team within 30 days of hire to sign up. All full time employees are automatically enrolled in our free health care coverage after 60 days of hire. All full time employees are also automatically enrolled in our free $10,000 life insurance benefit that we provide to our valued team.

Full List of Available Benefits:

  1. Free Medical Insurance and additional plans available.
  2. Free $10,000 life insurance. Please contact our HR team to select your beneficiary
  3. Low Cost Dental Plan
  4. Low Cost Vision Plan
  5. Additional Supplemenarty Aflac Benefits
  6. Additional Life insurance plans offered

To speak with our Human Resources team regarding employee benefits please CLICK HERE.


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