Companion care in Philadelphia has a wide range of services that can help your loved one maintain as much independence as possible. There are many reasons why you may need companion care and an agency will be able to find the best fit for your needs. One of the services that a companion can help your loved one with is keeping track of bills. This is often one of the most common areas where seniors need assistance. If you notice that bills have become past due or are left unpaid, this may be a sign that your loved one needs assistance. 

Bill Payments

Paying bills and managing money can become so overwhelming and difficult for many seniors. You care for your loved ones and may want to help them pay their bills. At some point, this may also become overwhelming for you. Having someone who can take charge and help your seniors pay their bills on time can be such a relief. You never want to visit your loved one and notice that the power is out or there is no running water. A companion will also help to balance their checkbook and negotiate with creditors if need be. 


Shopping for groceries and other essentials may become difficult. Companion care in Philadelphia can help to ensure that groceries are done and the fridge is stocked. A caregiver will also shop at the desired stores instructed by the client. 

If your loved one prefers to do groceries on their own and only requires help with paying we can also provide those services as well. This will allow them to have some independence but also provide peace of mind knowing that someone is there with them. This does not only apply to groceries but also picking up medications, dry cleaning, and more. 

Mail And Paperwork Organization

Many seniors choose to receive their bills through the mail. The problem with this is that they can sometimes forget to check the mailbox or even go through their mail entirely. 

Companion care in Philadelphia can help your loved ones stay organized with their mail and other paperwork. If directed to do so, our companions can also open and read the mail to the person being cared for. 


Hiring companion care in Philadelphia can allow your loved ones to keep their independence while still getting the help they need. 

A companion is often seen as a friend by many seniors. With a companion, seniors won’t have to feel alone and they can feel as if they can trust them. 

Your loved one may have been independent for so long and the potential loss of that independence can be scary for them. Having someone help them instead of entirely taking over their finances allows them to keep some independence. 

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