Your loved one has been needing extra help around the house lately — either because of a medical episode or they’re simply just getting too old to be physically active. You’re considering home care services but can be unsure as to whether you need short-term or long term home care services.

Before determining which to choose, you need to understand the differences between the two. Many clients think that the differences only lie in the time that care is provided. However, the care that is provided also differs depending on whether it is short or long term care services. 

What is Long Term Home Care Services?

Long term home care services are aimed at helping seniors with chronic or progressive health conditions. These conditions often require ongoing assistance or care. In-home care services are meant to help your seniors maintain some level of independence while still obtaining the care they need. 

Oftentimes, patients will recover enough to live without long term care services while others will need this care for the rest of their lives. This long-term care can be done at home or at a care facility depending on the needs of the patient. Long-term care also typically requires skilled care, although in some cases unskilled care is appropriate. 

What is Short Term Home Care Services?

The goal of short-term home care is to rehabilitate someone after an injury, illness, surgery, or hospitalization. This means that the care can be a few days up to a few months. This will vary depending on the situation. This care is provided in-home and can consist of skilled or unskilled care. 

Skilled care includes wound care, monitoring vital signs, and providing therapy. Unskilled care is when the patient needs help with daily living activities like laundry, cooking, bathing, and preparing meals. These services are not exclusive to seniors as anyone can need in-home care at any point in their life. 

What Can You Expect?

The major difference between short and long term home care services is that the former is goal-oriented with an expected end as opposed to long-term care that is geared at preserving the patients’ health and quality of life as much as possible. 

Short-term care can also consist of companion care which means spending time with the patient and participating in social activities. Long-term care whether done at home or in a care facility requires some medical training and treatment. 

Who Needs Long-Term Care?

Although anyone can find themselves in a position where they will need long term home care services, there are some factors that may increase that need. 

As we age, long-term care may become inevitable. It has been found that women are at a higher risk of needing care, primarily because women usually live longer than men.

Marital status can increase your chances of needing care as single people may need to depend on a provider more often than a married person. Your health and family history are the main indicators of whether you will need long or short-term care in the future. 

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