There are many reasons you will need to find home care services for hire whether it be on a temporary basis or on a long-term basis. Davetta Care has been around for years now and has seen home care services for hire popping up at what seems to be every corner. 

We have also seen some of these care centers close down rapidly as they do not have the experience or knowledge to provide the best care for your loved one. Davetta Care takes home care to heart and we ensure that all of our care providers feel the same and can offer your loved one the best care and respect. 

Highest Compensation

Davetta Care does home care services for hire better because we offer the highest compensation in the industry. When our care providers are appropriately compensated for their work, they are motivated and happy. This leads to them providing better care to your loved one. Without the added stress of bills piling up at home, our care providers can focus on what they are actually here for and that is your loved one. 


Something else that sets Davetta Care from the rest is our training standards. We understand that every patient requires special care and we strive to provide just that. We will go over a treatment plan and ensure that it fits your needs. Once a plan has been established we will then provide any additional training to our home health care workers who are trained and can implement the plan effectively. 


When you are looking for home care services for hire you do not want someone who will simply come into the home and not establish any connections with the patient. At Davetta Care we want to establish long-term bonds with our clients and their families. We aim to care for your loved ones as if they were our own family. We understand that home care makes an impact on day-to-day life, and so, we set out to make a positive impact.

Around the Clock Care

Companion care does not end when you get home from work or when you go to bed at night. We understand that every patient and family will have needs that do not fit under the typical care umbrella. That is why we offer around-the-clock companion care. This is often a service that is requested by individuals who live alone. This does not necessarily mean that someone will be living with you but instead, there will be a schedule established by you and our caregivers. The goal is to ensure that you or your loved one is never alone. 

Helping Others 

Caregivers get into the home care industry to help others and that is at the forefront of everything that Davetta Care stands for. We want our clients to keep their independence and by providing home care services for hire we work to do just that. Plans will be established so that your loved one stays independent while still getting the care they need. 

Davetta Care Can Help Your Loved Ones

Hire us and see for yourself why Davetta Care does it better than the rest. We value each individual we care for as if they are a member of our own family.

When you are looking for professional home care services for hire, contact Davetta Care at 267-534-3656 today.