Throughout your entire life, you may have heard how important nutrition and exercise are for a healthy lifestyle. As you age, you may begin to push regular exercise to the side but you shouldn’t. Aging does not mean you need to cut exercise out of your routine, it just means you will need to do modified versions of exercises. 

Researchers and physicians have found that seniors should remain as active as possible without overexertion. This is where home caregivers for elderly adults come in. Exercise allows elderly individuals to live longer and healthier lives.

Physical activity helps to promote the ability for seniors to remain independent by completing their regular tasks such as cooking, bathing, eating, dressing, and using the restroom. We have compiled some of the best at-home exercises for seniors that can be completed with the help of home caregivers for elderly individuals. 

Chair Yoga

Yoga is a lighter exercise regime and although an adult in their 30s and 40s may be able to participate in higher intensity yoga routines, older individuals need low impact forms. Chair yoga can help improve strength, balance, flexibility, and mobility. Chair yoga requires less stress and strain on the body than conventional yoga. Some of the yoga exercise that home caregivers for elderly adults can help with are:

  • Seated cow stretch
  • Seated cat stretch
  • Seated twist
  • Seated mountain pose 
  • Overhead stretch

Resistance Band Workouts

If you have ever seen the stretchy strips of rubber these are resistance bands. Working with a resistance band helps reduce stress on the body and is user-friendly for beginners. Through these workouts, you will be strengthening your core which will help to improve mobility, balance, and posture. 


Pilates involves exercise that promotes breathing, concentration, alignment, and core strength. You will be using pilates balls, mats, and other inflated accessories. Older adults who participate in pilates have shown improvement in balance, core strength, and an increase in flexibility. 


It may sound obvious but home caregivers for elderly adults find that one of the least stressful and accessible forms of exercise for seniors is walking.  You do not need any extra equipment or instructions. You simply get up and walk. 

Light Dancing

Music has been known to have healing properties for the soul. However, it also promotes dancing. 

You may not consider dancing to be a workout but it is actually a great form of aerobic exercise. Many parts of your body are activated when you dance and most importantly you will smile and laugh from all the fun you are having. 

Dumbbell Strength

Dumbbell exercises promote strength in the elderly through basic workouts. It has also been found that osteoporosis, back pain, diabetes, and depression have been lessened or alleviated to some degree with dumbbell training. 

It is important to take the appropriate precautions when completing dumbbell exercises. 


As obvious as it sounds, stretching is the key to performing daily living activities and keeping your independence. It promotes flexibility which can help prevent falls. You may start with small stretches and work your way into incorporating higher intensity stretches with the help of home caregivers for elderly adults. 

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